Miniature distribution pole type transformers weighing approximately seven (7) pounds each provide instructors mobility

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Class Room Training

and safety by limiting voltages to 600 volts or less. Designed with high internal impedances these transformers limit available fault currents to acceptable risk levels essentially eliminating significant arc flash events.

Two sets of three each allow workers to connect all common bank voltages with both Delta and Wye primaries. Larger units capable of running ΒΌ horse power three phase motors are available as special order items. Detailed drawings for constructing a transformer mounting pole from PVC parts available at any hardware store are provided with each order. Source voltage of 120/208 Wye is required to energize these units.

Secondary voltages of 120, 240, 277, and 480 volts provide realistic training for phase rotation and voltage testing exercises. Safety glasses and insulated rubber gloves are required for personal protection.

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Mini Transformer Specification Sheets

Mini Transformer Pole Specifications