Power Systems and Distribution Transformers

217Distribution Transformers
303Fundamentals of Elec Utility Systems

Connections and Theory
Course 217

Proper application and emergency connections for installing and banking single phase transformer is covered in detail. Participants learn transformer theory, connections, loading, application and safety. Using specially designed transformers that provide real world readings and experience.

Successful participants can correctly identify, connect or reconnect three phase transformer banks and load check three phase installations. Course is divided into morning (theory) and afternoon (hands-on) sessions with presentations of various transformer problems and hands on sessions to re-enforce theory presentations. Course targets experienced electrical linemen through entry-level engineers. Rubber gloves (Class 00 or 0), voltmeter, phase rotation meters are required in the hands on session.

Course 303

De-regulation and increased participation of non electrical types in electric supply has industry making this course mandatory for inexperienced individuals involved in the electric arena.

Due to the de-regulation of the electrical utilities, competition is becoming intense and customers are finding that they have a choice of who will serve them. Customer service representatives, meter readers and others who provide support for this fascinating industry find this seminar beneficial in understanding the business they work in.

Course objective is to introduce participants to requirements for making of and the delivery of electrical service. It is thought that the more one knows about the business, the better the service they provide.

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