Host Program


  • Associated Training Corporation will offer one (1) complimentary seat (to the host company) for every three (3) paid enrollments up to a maximum of two (2) complimentary seats per class. Enrollment minimum must be met in order for a class to be held.
  • By hosting the course at your training facility you eliminate expenses associated with employee travel and stretch your training dollars.
  • Provides desired training for small groups of employees which benefits small companies or limited budgets.


  • Expenses: All expenses are paid by Associated Training Corporation: Instructor items such as air fare, lodging, meals, and car rental are included. ATC will reimburse Host company for coffee and donuts upon presentation of actual receipts.
  • Participants: Associated Training Corporation will enroll participants from other companies. Host company is responsible for enrolling its own employees with Associated Training Corporation.
  • Instructional Facilities, Equipment and Materials: Host company will provide classroom for each course and laboratory facilities as deemed necessary.

Host company will provide equipment and devices for laboratory use. These items may be supplemented by Associated Training Corporation and must be shipped back by Host within three (3) working days following the last class day.

Host shall, indemnify Associated Training Corporation and hold harmless fully and completely against any and all claims for injury or damage.

Associated Training Corporation will provide instruction and course materials. Associated Training Corporation reserves the right to substitute instructors or reschedule course dates if instructors are not available.

  • Video Taping: Associated Training Corporation’s policy does not allow video taping of Instructors during classroom presentations. Separate contractual arrangements may be made to provide client a video tape. Studio quality productions can be made available to a Host company on a cost plus basis with Associated Training Corporation retaining all copy rights and Host company allowed limited usage and reproduction rights under a licensing arrangement.