Arc Flash

Modern electric systems with huge fault currents 100 times larger than 50 years ago now have electric arcs that exceed the temperature of the August 1945 atomic blast at Hiroshima, Japan. (Hiroshima 7,000 vs. Electric Arc 35,000 Fahrenheit.)

OSHA recognized this developing hazard and addressed it in both Subpart “S” and 1910.269. The NESC® and NFPA 70E also address the issue of how to protect workers from arc flash injury or fatality.

The NESC® has also moved to enlighten and is requiring steps to mitigate this increasing threat to electrical workers. Effective January 1, 2009 employers had to address arc flash for workers. Organazations using the NESC® should also be aware that additional and significant changes are forth coming in the 2012 NESC®.

ATC Consulting and Associated Training Corporation have specialized in providing up to date arc flash hazard information, training and analysis.